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I’ve always had a hard time getting along with other girls, and have had very few female friends. One summer I met this girl named Angie while sitting at a park. We started talking and immediately hit it off. We had so much in common, and quickly became very good friends. After a party one night she back to my place and we laid in my bed talking. Somehow we got on the topic of sex, and she told me about how she thought she might be a lesbian because of some experiences she had when she was younger. She told me about how her and her girl friends used to make out and touch each other. I was surprised she was telling me these things, but I had had similar experiences so I shared some of my stories with her. We couldn’t believe how much we had in common, especially that we had both experimented with other girls when we were younger.

The next thing I knew we were making out. She climbed on top of me, her slender flexible athletic body arching as she bent down to kiss me. We started grinding on each others legs, rubbing each others clits with our knees. We kept doing this for a long time, until we both got tired and fell asleep holding each other.

The next day when we woke up, still laying in bed, she told me that she was glad we had done that the night before, and told me how horny she was just thinking about it. Hearing her talk about it made me horny too, and we started making out again. We laid in bed all day, kissing, caressing each other, rubbing each others clits through our underwear.

We started hanging out more often, and every time she would come over we would mess around. One day she brought a double ended dildo, and even though I laughed at first when she pulled it out, I felt a surge of excitement rush through me. We took each others clothes off and laid down on my bed. I took the dildo and started to rub her clit with it, then I slowly inserted one end of it inside of her. She started moaning, and I began slowly pushing and pulling the dildo in and out of her. She looked up at me and whispered for me to put the other end of the dildo inside of me so we could both enjoy it. I laid down with my legs wrapped around hers and moved closer until the dildo was deep inside of us both. Then we started rubbing our pussies together, rocking our bodies back and forth, pushing the dildo deeper inside of each other with each thrust. It felt amazing, and we were both moaning in ecstasy, thrusting harder and harder against each other.

One night she stayed over and as she was laying between my legs with her back pressed against me breasts, I put my arm around her and started rubbing her clit with my hand, her body felt so good writhing in pleasure against mine.

Eventually we fell out of touch, and though we were still friends, we hadn’t spoke in a few years. One day she calls me out of the blue and I invite her over to my new house so we can catch up on each others lives. I gave her a tour of my house and once we were in my bedroom we both sat down on the end of the bed and sat there talking. She brought up how we used to play with each other, and how she had missed it, how she thought about it all the time, and how she would always get so horny just thinking about the things we had done together. I had missed it too, and had pleasured myself many times while thinking about her and the things we had done, but I didn’t tell her, I didn’t really have a chance to, we had started kissing each other and making out. I nibbled her bottom lip, she kissed my neck, I took her shirt off, she took off her bra, I kissed her nipples, flicked them with the tip of my tongue, and nibbled on them every so lightly. The window to my room was open and the curtains were pulled back, and a light breeze tickled her naked skin. It was daylight outside, and at any moment someone could have walked by the window and seen what we were doing, but we were so intensely aroused that we didn’t care. I pulled off her jeans and panties and gently pushed her back onto the bed. I kissed her deeply on the lips, caressed her tongue with mine, then I kissed her neck. I moved lower, kissing her nipples, first one and then the other, she began to moan. Then I kissed her stomach, and kept going lower and lower, kissing her all the way down. I spread her legs apart and kissed her inner thighs, then I buried my face into her wet pussy. I licked her slowly at fist, dragging my tongue up and down from her clit to her opening, ever so often I would thrust my tongue inside of her and she would let out a squeal of pleasure. Then I softly spelled out the alphabet on her clit with my tongue. She was moaning loudly, and I was dripping wet.

I sucked on her clit and flicked it with my tongue, I inserted my index and middle finger inside of her and started rubbing her G-spot, she started moaning louder and softly played with my hair. I began licking her clit faster and faster, her body writhing, thrusting up and down. I put my hands under her perfect ass and pulled her pussy onto my face, she put her hand on the back of my head, pushing my face into her, moaning even louder, while I’m licking her clit ravenously. Then she half whispers, half screams, that she is cumming and I thrust my fingers into her while continuing to lick. Then I feel the warm gush of her juices start to drip down her pussy, and I slowly finger her while I softly lick up the cum as it’s coming out of her. She lays there, quivering all over, still moaning, slowly moving her hips up and down as she relishes her orgasm. I climb up into the bed and lay next to her, she looks at me smiling. She tells me that it was amazing and that she has never had an orgasm that strong before, no guy has ever made her feel that way. She lays her hand on my pussy, and I lay my hand over hers. I guide her fingers, playing with myself with her hand, pushing her fingers inside of me. I rest my hand on her arm as she continues playing with me, I moan softly as she goes back and forth from rubbing my clit to thrusting her fingers inside of me. I was still so turned on from eating her out that I felt myself about to climax after only five minutes. I put my hand back on hers and rubbed my clit with my fingers over her fingers, faster, harder, and faster still. Then she grabbed my hand and pushed my fingers onto my clit and began using her hand to make me rub myself, as she thrust her fingers inside of me again, while I continued masturbating as she fingered me. Then I felt the orgasm surge through my entire body, it felt so good that I didn’t want to stop. I pulled my hand back and she grabbed it in hers and she licked the cum off of my fingers while her other hand continued to slowly massage me on the inside.

We have since both gotten into long term relationships with men, and have fallen out of touch with each other again, she is currently engaged to be married and has a kid, but I still think about that day all the time, especially when I am masturbating, and if I am not masturbating when I think of it, I get so turned on that I have to.

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