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I often masturbate when my boyfriend leaves the house, but he was laid off of work a few weeks ago and hardly goes anywhere now. We have been together for eight years, and he still has no clue that I masturbate. So tonight I decided that when he went to bed I would sit up and play with myself. I opened an incognito window so nothing would show up on my browser history, and came to this site for some hot reading material. I like to reach and watch lesbian stuff, and especially enjoy mutual masturbation and oral sex between women. So I started reading this wonderfully detailed and sexy story of two girls playing with each other, and I started playing with myself.

The story continues getting even hotter as one of the girls begins to eat the other girls pussy, and I am so wet, my hand down my pajama pants rubbing my clit, it feels soooo good. Then just as I am about to cum, I hear the bedroom door open. I am only a room away in the office, and my heart starts racing and I’m shaking with fear of being caught, but at the same time it was so exciting knowing that I was about to be caught masturbating, that I had to force myself to stop, and quickly switch over to another window. I hear him walk past and go down the hall to the bathroom, and my heart is still racing when I decide that I will continue masturbating while he is in the bathroom. So I quickly put my hand back into my pajama pants and start rubbing my clit even faster than before. When I hear the toilet flush, I cum! I quickly pull my hand out of my pants, my fingers are covered in my juices, and am in the middle of having a sensational orgasm when he walks down the hall and comes into the office.

I pretend I am looking at stuff on Pinterest, and he asks when I am coming to bed. I tell him I’ll be in in a few, and he turns around and goes back to the bedroom and shuts the door. So I sit there for a minute and make sure he has gone back to bed, before I get up and go into the bathroom. I am still so turned on from the whole experience of almost being caught that I masturbate again in the bathroom! Leaning against the bathroom counter, I rub my clit until I orgasm again! After washing up (because I had made a very wet mess of myself) I decided to post my story before going to bed. Sweet dreams!

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