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More Stories How My Neighbor Became My Girlfriend

An unusual beginging to the best heterosexual relationship I ever had.

This story is about my last girlfriend. She was the same age as me. She lived in an apartment building next to and very close the one I lived in and the windows of our apartments faced one another. She was a librarian. We would briefly chat whenever I rented a book, or we were going home, or when we met by chance somewhere in the neighborhood. I rarely read anything from the library, but began to visit often only to see her. We didn’t have a relationship at first, but I certainly wanted to have sex with her.

She had thick black hair that she grew down to her shoulders. She had rosy cheeks and a flawless smile. She wore thick glasses and wore tight dresses that showed cleavage. Her breasts weren’t gigantic, but they were a good size and perfectly round. She had a round booty that was obvious through her dresses. Her legs wre long and smooth. Her body was slim without any fat. She was polite, gracious, smart and conversational. You bet I thought of her when I masturbated!

I lived alone and was single and had not had sex with a partner for months, thus I frequently masturbated. One night before I went to sleep, I began my nightly routine. As I began to undress to prepare for my last masturbation session of the day, I saw a reflection of the young librarian looking at me though her window and mine. I was so anticipating my masturbation that I had forgotten to close my curtains. Because only a narrow alley seperated our apartments, she must have seen me clearly. I saw her only out of the corner of my eye and she didn’t seem to notice that I knew she was looking at me. I was already horny and became hornier knowing that she was watching me undress and seeing me shirtless. So I decided to pretend I didn’t notice her and give her a sexy show. I wouldn’t look at the window and to only look in the mirror with the corners of my eyes, so as to not give myself away.

I began to feel my body with my fingertips and rubbed and pinched my nipples. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her in the mirror, as she watched me. I then pulled off the rest of my clothes to reveal my entire nude body to her. I lied on my bed, which was directly next to the window. I continued to fondle my body, from my chest to my scrotum and back again. I looked at the mirror again and saw that she was standing still and staring at me through her window. I could barely detect her facial expression of pleasant surprise. I was incredibly turned on knowing that somebody I was attracted to was seeing me nude and watching me feel with myself and would soon watch me spank my monkey. Finally, I put lotion on my penis rubbed that lotion all over it. I furiously stroked and rubbed it until I shot my sperm all over my chest and belly. The young librarian looked very happy. I then cleaned the sperm off my body and turned off the light.

I repeated this every night for a week. I would occassionally use the corner of my eye to look at a mirror to see if somebody was watching me. Every night, she was at her window to watch me. And every night, I gave her a show, and avoided making it too obvious I knew she was watching. After three nights, she began inviting another woman to her apartment to watch me. I gave them insights into the sexual side of my life that I was enjoying alone. I showed them how I love to touch and to be touched. I watched porn and looked at magazines of men and of women, to let them know I beat my meat to porn and that I’m bisexual. I lied down on my bed at looked at myself in a mirror to show them that I’m sexually attracted to myself.

Those were incredibly pleasurable masturbation sessions, but I concluded I had to stop eventually. I hadn’t closed my curtains during the morning or night for a week, giving myself no privacy in my apartment at those times, except when I was in the bathroom. I was afraid that somebody who didn’t want to see me nude or see me masturbating would catch me and report me to the police. If the librarian and her friend would deduce if one night they say that I closed my curtains, they may have concluded that I was intentionally giving them shows. I decided to confront the librarian about it. After a week of masturbating by my window for her, I asked her to meet me at my apartment that night. She agreed with a glowing face, looking excited.

When I invited her into my apartment that night, her friend was watching us from the window of her apartment. I went to my window, waved hello at her friend, and closed the curtains. The librarian looked uncertain. I told her, “I know you and that woman have been watching me.” She was speechless and looked a little uneasy. I explained to her why I couldn’t give her anymore special shows. Before she could say another word, I said, “If you were so intested in my body and my sexuality, you should have seduced me,” and then I quickly give her a long kiss on the mouth. When I was done, pulled out a condom. She looked at it and then into my face while breathing hard and with a look of overwhelming desire. I undressed myself as she watching and quickly began feeling my body from my shoulders to my penis and everything in between. I did the same to her. Her body was fabulous. Her breasts were firm, nipples were firm and like the erasers on the ends of pencils, her belly was flat, her bellybutton was vertical and tight, and her booty-cheeks were plump and round without sagging or being huge. I lied her down on my bed, put on my condom, and gave her what we agreed was fantastic sex. Afterwards, we cuddled and talked in bed, getting to know one another better.

I stopped masturbating with my curtains open. We began dating and having sex regularly. I learned that the woman she invited to watch with her was her best friend. The librarian also told that she too masturbated every day and night, but not as often as I was masturbating.

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