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More Like A Virgin

Ok, so you know what I’m like….fuck….you know what my whole fucking family is like! And yet, since I’ve decided to have some alone time, I totally get what Claire’s been saying to me lately. She describes it as ‘feeling like a virgin all over again’.

Shes right too! I’ve come a long way from having a man in both holes, or sucking a woman out while her husband fucks me, or having my hands tied behind my back, being carried naked into a wood, and then being fucked…..and left there to wriggle free.

I’m remembering how I felt when I had never been touched. I was an avid masturbator, but I would do daring things, especially at night. I remember when I was 15, I had felt antsy all day. I was wet, and I was looking forward to rubbing myself in bed that night. I didn’t need to ‘get in the mood’ but I would,often read porn even when I was about ready to pop just to build myself even higher first.

I came across a story about a girl who liked to walk naked at night. At first, she would wear a coat and walk some distance from her house before taking it off and walking home stark naked. She said it made her really horny, and sometimes, she would even masturbate on the way home. She had only one rule. She mustn’t hide or attempt to hide.

Hmm, thought I, all well and good, but she had her coat. If it all went tits up, she had a safety clause right there over her arm. Still, the thought of being naked outdoors….trapped outdoors if you will….hmmmmm!

I turned the idea over in my mind, me being me, I knew having a safety element wouldn’t work. I would get bored and throw my coat on and that would be that. It was about midnight when I hit on the solution. I got off my bed, naked as the day I was born and walked from the house to my car. I then drove to the other end of the village, a distance of about two miles. I wanted to be away from the comparative safety of our fields, and somewhere where I really might be seen.

Sitting naked in my car, I gave myself a little mindset. I imagined I had been captured. My captors were going to rape me, but I had escaped. Now they were following me. I took one last deep breath and got out of my car.

I kept close to the walls, using shadows, doorways, anything for protection, all the while imagining I was being pursued. Fuck was I wet! And I mean really wet! The so-called High Street, such as it is, has shops, and of course, they were closed, but asI passed houses, I could see lights on, and people moving around. There were some houses where I knew people. I knew that there were teenagers in their bedrooms, asleep, and then….wow…..I heard a noise! I have super sharp hearing and it didn’t take but a second to get a bearing on it. Coming from a house about two down from where I was, was the unmistakable sounds of sex. I padded off down there (I’d guess I had about a quarter of a mile to go to get home by this time) and listened. The couple in the house were definitely having sex. I could hear her moans, and his thrusting and grunting. I leaned back against the wall under their bedroom window and listened, fingering myself at the same time.

She asked him to talk dirty to her which he did, calling her abusive names, and being generally filthy. I clearly heard her cum, but I was waiting for him. I wanted my orgasm to be in time with his and Wanted the image of him spunking inside her.

Then, he said “talk to me….be….be her for me.” The night made the conversation so easy to hear.

“Oh, you want me to be her? Our little neighbour’s daughter? Yes, you’d like to fuck her, wouldn’t you? Ok. I’m Anna, I’m 13, and I’m still wondering where that pair of my panties went after you’d been round to do a job for my mum. I’ve wondered if you’d taken them, and I think you did. Well, Mike, did you?

“Yes, Anna. I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. They were on your bedroom floor, and I just took them. Please don’t tell your mum.”

“I won’t if you do something for me, I want you to pop my cherry. Be my first”

“I can’t, your only 13”

“So? I know what I want…..do it to me…..do it IN me.”

Fuck, his wife was good! She even got a nice little girly tone in her voice too. What followed was a series of moans a groans followed by a little cry as, in their role play, he popped her.

I was masturbating like a cat in heat, and just as he told her he was going to ‘do it in her’ I was biting my knuckle so as not to make a sound, and cumming.

I walked through our fields the rest of the way home, feeling the cool night air on my skin, especially on the wetness between my legs and on my hyper sensitive nipples.

It was daring, but not really what I want for a while I think. This closes a chapter for me. Oh I’ll still masturbate, but for a while I’m going to be like Claire and chill a little.

We are both way too sexual to stop masturbating, but I’m done with other people for a while. I’m happy to play little games, like flying with no panties and getting my scent onto the flight deck, or masturbating on a tropical beach in public, and I am, like Claire, an avid panty-wetter. In fact I’ve been talking to a close friend about that.

Jenny, I’ve known since playschool. She and I have never been sexual, but we are very close and we discuss everything. It was Jenny who told me that she pees ‘for fun’, and taught me the delights of doing something so ‘naughty’, and I think that’s the hook for me….it’s naughty. From puberty onwards girls are taught, er…no….it’s hammered into us the need to be clean and demure down there. Well, fuck that! Sometimes it’s nice to be the exact opposite!

Sometimes, it’s nice to regress. More than once, I’ve chosen a deliberately plain pair of whit cotton panties….virgin panties I call them….put them on, gone somewhere and when the time is right, squatted down and just peed in them. The feeling is tremendous. You’re doing something bad, forbidden, naughty, and of course, wetness is wetness. It is instantly arousing. And that’s before I discovered the joy of having a girl pee on me.

Jenny once, I forget quite how we got in that position, but I was kneeling across her tummy. We were both fully clothed, and had been talking about panty peeing. I said something like “You better hope I don’t try it right now.” To which she replied “or maybe I better hope you do!” Then she just said, in a much calmer voice, “go on, try.” And I did, I remember it clearly. That feeling, knowing it was really going to happen. I felt it spread into my panties, and I saw her expression as I soaked her t shirt.

We didn’t masturbate together, but Jenny did tell me that she needed to, so she went behind a wall and came back very red faced a few minutes later. I was too overwhelmed to do myself, but I did when I got home.

Yes, panty peeing is fun…I think far more girls,are into it than people think, and I am sure there are a lot,of girls out there who have thought about it more than once.

Personally, I’d love to hear from girls who have either done it, or who have thought about doing it.

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