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More The Aftermath….

“The aftermath…..” follows on from “The wooden delivery” (pub 22 April)

I’m alone.

Jack has left me feeling horny.

I need relief myself.

My friend Sue has helped: I’ve got a toy now, bought at her suggestion.

Makes me faint to think of it.

Jack’s weapon fills my mind.

To my room.

I lie on my bed, eyes tight shut, thinking, reflecting on that weapon, marvelling at its length and girth..

A hand steals down over my stomach, lower, just touches.

No, not yet.

A mirror.

Position a chair opposite.

I sit.

Naked, I pose for myself.

Nipples: tease them. They stand out proudly.

The hand goes down again; ok this time.

Fingers slip in, into the honeypot, but it’s slippery and fiery.

I massage gently beside my bud, risen out of its covering.

Must have something inside me.

The toy!

As yet little used.

My legs are splayed; I lean back in the chair and watch.

The tool plays at my entrance, is pushed in, is pulled out.

Mmmmm, this is nice.

I switch on the vibration and re-insert.

Instant delight and marvellous sensations roll through me.

I move it so it touches my clit.

Makes me go mad with lust.

Fantasies now out of my mind!

I’m just concentrating on this machine massaging me to higher and higher peaks of raw lust and desire.

Must cum soon, I must.

I hold it there till I’m almost bursting then reduce the pressure but can’t sustain the wait any longer.

The mirror shows me covered with a flush; my cunt looks swollen.

I thrust it into me again and watch as I near my peak.

I’m about to cum; push it right in, close my legs and suddenly my cumming hits me.

Goes on seemingly for ages as I buck and roll in my chair.

Switch off the vibrating cock but keep the grip on it, right up me.

Seconds, minutes pass: I don’t know.

Ease the pressure on the tool, open up.

I unwind, come down from on high.

Need a deep bath, bubbles, to float away, recuperate.

A sanctuary to relax in.

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