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More Well, That Didn’t Last Long

As you know I’ve been living with a married couple as a threesome, but it all got a bit too intense for me. When they asked me to go through some kind of pseudo marriage ceremony, I bailed. To be honest, I wasn’t enjoying it as much as at the beginning, so, I’m taking a leaf out of Claire’s book and flying solo for a while. I’ve got two weeks leave as well, so I’m back at home, just being, well, me for a while. I’ve had no sex of any kind, not even masturbating for two weeks now. I just needed to purge myself, I think. Claire’s single too, and mum and dad, well, they’re still swinging, but I don’t want any of that, at least not just now. So, two weeks with nothing and I began to feel feminine again, and almost innocent. No, don’t laugh, I really do feel like I’m beginning all over again. I’ve been dressing far more conservatively, but in the last few days, I’ve been reaching more for the sexy underwear, and yes, I’ve been getting far wetter than usual. Time for some fun.

But I wasn’t going to rush into anything. I just wanted to see what I would do and when, and how.

Sunbathing is lovely. Our farm is huge and there is always somewhere I can get totally naked and not be seen, fuck, there are places I can get naked and BE seen, if that’s what I want. But for now, I wanted to just chill and be naked in the sun, I didn’t even know if I would masturbate,

So, I’m walking across a barely field to one of my spots when I saw a kid cutting across one of the footpaths that cross the farm. These are ancient rights of way, and somehow, when my dad plants the fields he manages to not plant on them, crossing it was a girl about 14. She looked at that special moment a girl has when she isn’t a child anymore, but isn’t quite a woman either. She was tall, and well developed, but clearly young. She had a pale yellow dress on an was running her hand through the crop. Her boobs looked so firm, even though they were smallish (bigger than mine though) and suddenly, I really envied her. She has her whole life of sexual exploration ahead of her. I wondered, as she walked closer to me if she has masturbated yet, if she has made herself cum, or if she has done anything daring like go out with nomoanties on. Certainly today she has panties, I could see them through her thin dress, but who knows?

As she got close to me we smiled at each other and said hi. I told her my parents owned the farm and she was worried she was trespassing, but I told her about the rights of way and that there were signposts. It turned out I was right, she was only 14, and just off for a walk in the sun. We chatted about this and that for about ten minutes and we both went on our way.

In my secret spot, I have a sun lounger hidden away in a large plastic bag in an outbuilding. I set it up and lay on the towel I’d brought with me. I stripped naked and enjoyed the sun and breeze on my body. Fuck, I SO love being naked outdoors! I’d fly naked if I could! Anyway, I couldn’t get this girl out of my mind. Her voice had started to deepen, and her figure told me hormones were well at work. I spread my legs and started to play, thinking about her all the time. Her large blue innocent eyes, what it would be like to stare into them as I removed her dress, hearing the sharp gasp as I pushed my hand into her panties, and watching the inner struggle I was sure she would have between wanting to stop me and wanting to go on.

As I let my finger enter my hole, I imagined enetering her. I have very thin fingers, and I bet I could have fingered her and left her hymen intact. I fingered myself delicately, as if I was doing her. I even clamped my knees together as if I was her trying to fight the tremendous pleasure coursing through my/her body.

Then, in my mind, we were one person. I hesitantly let my legs part, just like I thought she would, and I began to push against my finger, very gently. Normally I like my cunt filled, two, three. Even four fingers, but not this time. One barely moving finger deep inside a virgin pussy, bringing her closer to her first orgasm.

I wondered if she has got this far yet? Has she experienced that build up, that feeling like she’s about to wet herself? Has she fought it, stopped it, denied herself her first cum? Or has she given into it? I have a friend who told me that when she was fucking with her boyfriend, she would get an overwhelming feeling that she was about to pee the bed. She fought that feeling for six months until one day, she got angry with it and actually tried to pee. Instead, she had her first ever orgasm.

I imagined this young girl feeling what I was feeling now, and intense build up of pressure. I even clamped my knees together as I thought she would. I normally like to be totally spread wide when I cum, but this time, well, I was being a 14 year old virgin.

Oh, the cum when it came was wonderful and quite different to orgasms of recent months which were earthy, savage, primal. This was (don’t laugh) pure. It was a tingly, electric breathtaking feeling. I didn’t squirt, and I didn’t even think of peeing (something my married couple lovers are heavily into. Every sex session with them involved at leat one of us peeing on another.) No. this was like I remembered my first orgasm to be.

As I lay there afterwards, bathed in a light sheen of sweat, I felt cleansed, purified, reborn sexually. I’ve been through a long and torrid period of fucking anyone, anywhere, and it’s like Claire told me, sometimes it’s like a drug you can get hooked on.

I’m not going down Claire’s route of enforced celibacy, that’s definitely not what I want, at least, not in the long term. If a man had passed by me as I lay on that sun lounger, I would have welcomed him inside me,

I think more solo masturbation for me is a definite, but no more group sex for a long time. Men? Yes. Women? Of course. But neither one after the other.

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