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First, a heads up. Some of my contributions have appeared on the website out of sequence. The two dicks one quim was submitted a while back, but has only just appeared online. Second, I’ve become an avid watcher! I love being watched myself, but why am I so surprised that other people do as well? All I had to do was watch for the signs. Some people are overtly explicit, but others much more subtle. One thing is for sure though, I am absolutlely not the only girl who does it outdoors and likes being watched! Oh, also, I’ve learned the joys of having to wait before I can sort myself out too! Here are three things I’ve seen lately.

At The Doctors.

Nothing wrong with me, just a check up, but in the waiting room was a mum and her daughter. I’d guess the girl was about 15. She was sitting in her school uniform with her legs apart, the way teenagers do at that awkward stage. I could clearly see her white panties, and the wet sheen at the crotch. Her mum kept whispering something to her, and she would sit up for a moment and close her legs, but soon she would slump down again, and her legs would open. The man sitting next to me was trying so hard not to look, but the bulge in this trousers told me he had seen. What’s more, she had seen too, and was definitely flashing him. She had no idea that I would have licked those panties dry in a second.

Then, she hitched a foot over on top of the opposite knee which exposed her more. She reached up her skirt and fiddled with her knickers a little, and then, glancing over at her mum, just looked right at the man and shoved a finger inside herself! It was fast and she only gave herself a couple of ‘fucks’ but it was enough to turn her whole neck red. Her mum nudged her again and she changed position. They were called a few seconds later and I didn’t see her again.

I have no doubt that she wanted the man to see what she was doing. I got a thrill out of it too.

A Field In London On A Warm Lumchtime.

Virtually every grassy area gets covered with office workers when the weather turns nice. I love London and will spend a day there for no particular reason just to be part of the city.

I was on a green, munching on a sandwich when I noticed a girl who didn’t look quite right. She wasn’t weird or anything and it took me a while to place what was wrong. In the end I worked out it was her clothing. She was wearing ‘notice me’ clashes. White dress, dark underwear. I watched as she picked her spot on the green and sat down. At first, she lay down with her ankles crossed all very demure and proper. But I noticed she was just looking up at th sky and muttering. I’m a good lip reader, and I realised she was just saying dirty words over and over. “Fuck, pussy, cunt…..fuck me.” Then I saw her nipples begin to harden, and she took a very deep breath before lifting her knees and bringing her feet up to her bum. This, of course, exposed her crotch. And what a crotch, the material was see through, by which I mean totally see through. Her quim was plainly on show. I realised her eyes were now shut, so I shuffled as close as I dared which gave me a fantastic view. She opened her eyes, and looked at me and smiled. I just nodded once, glancing between her legs as I did so.

Fuck, than cunt! She rolled over on her tummy, and the beautiful view was gone, but she mouthed ‘come here’ to me. I got up and lay down again next to her. I saw her right hand disappear under her tummy and I knew, I knew in a heartbeat she was playing with herself. “Watch me” was all she whispered. I saw her pupils dilate, her nostrils begin to flex, and her tongue moistening her lips. Her breathing became catchy, and now and then, she took in a gasp of air. I remembered how she liked dirty words, so I whispered to her “Go on. Rub one out right here. Touch your cunt. Imagine one of the men here walking over and fucking you. Sliding his cock up your cunt and filling you up with his spunk. Go on, cunt. Rub your quim, you dirty fucking bitch.” I said all the things I like and I could tell it was working. I actually saw her orgasm in her eyes! I heard it in her breathing and oh, how I wished I could have smelled it too. After she had come down from it, she muttered a brief thanks and got up and walked away. I was left there, soaking wet, and wondering whether to do the same thing myself. But I had plans for later which don’t belong on here. Let’s just say having to wait over two hours before I could masturbate gave me an immense cum of my own.

The Man In The Corner Of The Train.

I love packed trains! Plenty of,opportunity to press up against some gorgeous guy or girl, plenty of opportunity to rub one out myself if I want, or even pee my panties if I feel like that. But I’ve learned that sometimes, they put older carriages on, and they have many little, private corners in them. People in the U.K. tend to face away from each other on trains. I don’t though. I like looking at people’s faces and having silent conversations with them….if it goes that way. There was a guy stuck right in the corner near the door of an older carriage. He had the door on his right, and a wall on his left. In front we’re two women facing away, and me in front of them, but facing towards the corner. The women concerned where mid 20’s I guess, maybe older, but were tall, and dressed very sexily. I noticed him taking the odd glance down at their bums and legs, and then rubbing himself over his trousers. He kept doing this, and even ran his hand about a centimeter away over one of their arses without actually touching her. He was clearly having a lovely little fantasy, when he caught me looking. I immediately flashed him a huge killer smile, and mouthed “Go on. Don’t stop” and looked down myself. At first he was uncertain, but I mouthed. ‘Please….I want to watch!” So he carried on.

I could clearly see his hard on, and when he got the courage to unzip himself, (making sure his coat was over his left arm so he could hide himself in an instant, I knew I was in for a show. He started a slow wank. Looking st the women right up unti the train jolted. The two girls parted and were suddenly behind me, leaving me face to face with this guy. Now, I could talk to him. “Don’t stop. Let me see you spunk.” I lifted my skirt enough for him to see my panties. He reached for me, but I don’t want that at the moment. “No. Look but don’t touch” I tugged my panties down to show him as much of my quim as I could, and I ran a finger between my lips before holding it up to his nose. “Smell me, but tell me when you are about to cum.” It didn’t take him long. A few more strokes and he said “now” I held my panties away from me and forward. I felt him spurt on my belly, and I felt it running down into my panties.

When I got out at my station, as usual. It was dark and deserted. Living in the country usually means dark, deserted stations. It was staffed once, a very long time ago, and once upon a time, you can see where the station garden was cared for. I waited until the train had pulled away, and found myself a nice little area where I could take care of myself. I leaned back against the wall and slid my hand into the warm, gooey mess in my panties and frigged myself off. It was raw, hard, almost violent. I came standing up with my knees slightly bent. Which always makes me cum harder than when I’m lying down. I also timed a piss so that just as the first wave of cum rolled through my belly, so I relaxed and let myself wee.

For any girl out there who has never tried panty wetting, and cumming standing up, babe, you HAVE to give it a go. It’s every naughty thing you’ve ever dreamed of wrapped up in one glorious orgasm.

When I’d finished, I walked him in my wet panties, feeling deliciously naughty, and pretending to myself that the wetness and smell of spunk was because I had just been laid. By the time I got home and into my room I was more than ready to go again. This time, I used my trusty dildo, and had a fantasy about the boy on the train forcing me.

In my ind he had got off the train at my station, and although I had tried to run away, he had caught me, bent me forward against the wall and pulled my panties aside and fucked me. Initially, again in my mind, as I fucked myself with my dildo, I was moaning oh, no, please stop…don’t….I don’t want to be fucked….no….but my mind quickly changed to ohhh yes….please…don’t stop….fuck me….cum inside me….” as my orgasm approached. As I lay on my bed, arching my back as high as it would go with the dildo rammed fully in my quim, I relived the moment of his squirting on my belly and transposed it to squirting in my hole. I came beautifully.

I’m getting really good at masturbaiting. I can cum clitoral, vaginally or anally, but anally takes much longer. I can weave intricate story lines in my head using things I’ve seen that day, or conversations I’ve had. Trust me, whenever two, or three, teenage girls get together. The conversation usually turns to sex at some point!

Later that night, I couldn’t sleep. I get nights like that sometimes. I thought about jilling off again, but quickly discarded it as I want to tease myself a lot at the moment. Oh, I could have cum, make no mistake, but I’ve found that by putting it off, I cum so much harder.

While I lay there naked, warm, sweaty, and with a leaking quim (when isn’t it?) I formulated a plan for tomorrow, I plan to visit a cinema in Brighton. There are plenty to chose from. My target is to sit next to someone. Man, woman, I don’t care, and see how many times I can make myself cum before the film ends without them noticing. Plan B is if they notice, to have them join in. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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  • Posted: July 30, 2018 05:21


    Love this. I'd love to have you watch me while watched you. MMMMM