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I love to be watched. I love that moment when someone realises what your are doing, becomes desperate to watch, and yet is scared you will stop. Having that amount of power over someone is immense.

So, my method starts with flashing my panties. Not quickly, never quickly. I sit in ways that let people see up my skirt. I can feel myself getting wet, and I usually have panties that show wetness easily. Then I starts a light touching over the material.

I use my peripheral vision to work out who is looking. When I know I have someone hooked, my hand goes inside my panties, and I rub my clit to orgasm. Sometimes, I will slip my panties off and walk away leaving them for my watcher to collect.

One time, I saw a girl sitting in an obviously indecorous way. She was showing her panties and tights and must have known it. She couldn’t not have known. Once she saw me looking, she reached both hands under her thighs and tore a hole in her tights revealing her little white panties which, I could see, were stained. Then she, like me, started to rub herself,off through her panties never once breaking eye contact with me. She didn’t give a fuck who saw up her skirt.

I actually saw her squirt into her panties which was a major thrill for me. Wetness and panties always does it for me!

She got up and walked away in her ripped tights.

A few days later I repeated her method. I loved tearing my tights, there is a forced, almost rape-like feeling to,it which I love. (HATE rape….and if anyone Every tried, they would be in intensive care and nursing a fucking big hole where their balls used to be) but I LOVE rape fantasies. I went one better though and tugged my panties aside so that the boy who was watching me actually got to see my quim. What I love most is older men who look, but immediately look away. They pretend to be disgusted, but I think they are actually scared to watch.

Orgasms outside, and orgasms when I’m being watched are always going to make me cum big time.

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