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More Stories My First Cum Outside This Year

This happened a couple weeks ago. It’s a short story but I think you’ll enjoy it.

A couple weeks ago it was finally warm enough out to go outside and tan. I love my private backyard! It’s perfect for my new favorite outdoor activities: nude tanning and swimming. After eating breakfast I got undressed, grabbed my laptop and my phone, then headed outside. The anticipation of what I was going to do out there was beginning to get me a little wet. Anytime I tan outside I inevitably end up having an intensly powerful orgasm. It had been over a week since my last orgasm so I knew I was due for a good one. I got outside and sat in a lounge chair and set my laptop on a table beside me. At that spot in my backyard my neighbor can see me if she looks out. That also adds to my excitement. I pulled up one of my favorite porn videos and watched while my pussy began to ache to be touched. I held off knowing it would feel more intense if I waited a few minutes. I kept watching my laptop, letting the heat of the sun warm up my body, and better yet, my pussy.

Five minutes or so went by and I desperately needed to be touched. I began playing with my nipples, alternating between lightly rubbing, then pinching. The first touch felt like electricity coursing through me. Oh God, how I love that feeling!! A few minutes of that caused my nipples to turn into sensitive little pebbles, every touch even better than the last. By this time my pussy was begging, pleading, aching to be touched. I slowly moved my fingers down, my body tingling in readiness. When my fingers finally touched my clit, a shockwave of immense pleasure erupted all over my body, making me moan loudly. My clit stiffened as I rubbed it, making juices pour from my eagerly awaiting pussy. I reached down with my other hand and inserted one finger, then a second, then a third. I was so fucking horny!! One hand finger-fucking at an incredible speed, fingers curled, the other hand teasing my clit. I knew it wouldn’t be long before a mind-blowing orgasm exploded inside my pussy, radiating all over me, curling my toes and making me scream in ecstacy.

I’m not sure how long I was at it, mere seconds or a few minutes, but it hit. My legs stiffened and my toes curled. My body shook as an orgasm rocketed through me. I covered my mouth to keep the ear-numbing scream to a minimum. As I removed my fingers, a huge amount of fluids sprayed from my pussy. I’d never squirted so much outside before!! By the time I finished cumming I was exhausted and feeling oh-so-very good. I set my alarm on my phone for a half-hour later so I wouldn’t burn. I slept very good till my alarm went off.

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