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I was recently asked about my first experiences of masturbation…

I remember that feeling so well, just thinking about it sends those tingly sensations to my clit.

I must have been 11 – perhaps 12 years old. Hanging around my local park with friends, doing what all kids that age would usually do. I perched myself up on to the metal bars of the climbing frame, one leg either side. And I felt the hardness of the frame press under my skirt and against my knickers into my clit. “Wow!” I thought. I didn’t jump up and off, I clearly remember staying there, enjoying this feeling I was experiencing. In fact, I encouraged these sensations, gently grinding but not to be noticed by my friends who I was there with.

That night, laid in bed I just couldn’t shake what had happened earlier in the day. I wanted so desperately to feel the hardness of the frame against me as I shifted myself back and forth. With that, I folded a pillow and pushed it up hard against my naked vagina and began to rub and grind myself against it. This felt good, almost as good as when I was in the park. But I needed something more. Rolling myself over whilst straddling this pillow, I gradually moved my hips faster and harder as my clit felt the persistent rubbing. I was throbbing, this felt amazing. I became more and more breathless but excited by what was happening. With that, this sensation came over me, almost like a wave pulsating out from my vagina (which I later discovered was my first orgasm!).

My body jolted, my clit throbbed and tingled. And as I slumped over completely breathless, I gently stroked my clit. I felt the wet stickyness of my cum, and the dampness which had dripped onto my pillow.

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