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The library. A place of study, and quiet purpose. Sometimes, though, the purpose people have in mind isn’t the broadening of their mind.

The moment I saw her I felt a familiar tangle, and to be honest, it annoyed me. While I have sex with myself, I’m celibate for now. I don’t want other people touching my body. I need a period of withdrawal. But she, well, she was lovely. Slim, small breasted, wearing a short summer dress and, I could see, no bra. She was sitting in one of the ‘comfortable’ areas of the college library, where there are everything from armchairs to bean bag chairs, as well as more formal study desks.

I flopped down on a bean bag, and yes, I admit it, the one I chose offered the best chance of a flash of panty. I was going to masturbate anyway, so I figured a little visual stimulation wouldn’t hurt.

She leaned back, stretching, and her legs parted just enough for me to see a pale blue crotch! An immediate gush happened between my legs, but I was on a bean bag, so what the hell. Then she looked me straight in the eyes and smiled…..that caused another gush! What a smile! Fucking HELL what a smile.

Over the next ten minutes, she was constantly moving, stretching, squirming around, and I got the impression, rightly or wrongly, that I was being displayed to. The little,corner we were in can be seen from elsewhere, but I realised that only my bean bag chair can be seen. Hers was enclosed on three sides. It looked almost like a naughty corner! And I could have been very naughty with her!

She got up and walked past me to the shelves. For a moment I thought she was leaving, but all her stuff was still there. When she walked back, a small ball of paper dropped on the book I was pretending to read. I uncrumpled it and it said “Just watch.”

Meanwhile, back in the chair, she was sitting with her legs open. I could even see whisps of pubic hair escaping from her knickers. But she had her hand right down the front and it was moving! I glanced around. No one was anywhere near us, and I nodded an ‘all clear’ at her. She was clearly enjoying herself, as the large wet stain on her pale blue panties demonstrated. She tugged the material aside, and I saw a hairy cunt for the first time in many years, and it looked beautiful.

I saw her finger sink gently into her hole…so slowly….so deliberately. Then she let the material,ping back into place and carried on masturbating behind her panties. Her left hand grabbed her thigh and without doubt, I saw her cum into her panties. The wet stain, already substantial, spread further, and she uttered a few small sighs.

I was so ready myself. Fuck was I ready! I desperately needed to cum, and almost started on myself right then and there, but as soon as she had finished, she grabbed her bag, abandoned her book and walked away. Fuck!

A few minutes later though, something else plopped into the book on my lap. It was a pair of pale blue, and very wet panties with another little balled up note. “Enjoy”.

I popped them in my bag and walked straight to the nearest toilets. My own panties were off me and on the floor in seconds. Oh, I’d love to give you a detailed description of precisely what I did, but I’m afraid as soon as I smelled her and touched my clit, I came. And I came fucking hard. I don’t think I’ve ever cum as quick in my life before.

Well, one thing, I chose to wear her panties home. Having my quim right where another girls has been has always been a turn on for me, and if the panties are wet as these were, I love the idea of her wetness meeting mine.

Once, I masturbated quim to quim with another girl. Now, this wasn’t tribbing, our quims didn’t touch at any point, but there was something so fucking erotic about the thought of our holes opening up in front of each other!

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