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More Teasing Each Other

After tne years of marriage we still tease each other until, oh you know.

My husband and I have a foreplay game. Both of us get naked. I usually position doggie with him behind or next to me. I part my legs and rest my head on a few pillows. He’s an ass man and I must say I have a VERY nice one. Most people call it a “sister booty”. He sets up and strokes himself. I reach under myself and rub my clit. Then we both talk the most erotic and nasty stuff we can think of.

Actual touching isn’t supposed to be allowed. I get wet easily so the insides of my thighs look like someone sprayed water. My husband likes to rub his cockhead between my lips. My pussy lips of course. He sticks it in just so that he’s not quite inside me. Drives me nuts. I can hear his hand spanking away at his meat. And I let him know it too. I’ll tell him how I love the way he jerks that long fat hard cock. And how much I want his tool up my ass.

He calls me his whore and slut as he tells me how much he wants to fuck my brains out. Normally I’m offended by whore and slut but when my husband has his cock out it’s a thrill.

When I orgasm I make a little baby squeal. Sorta like a high pitch whimper. He loves it. This charade doesn’t last long. It sometimes ends up with him stuffing his cock either in my pussy or ass just as he shoots off. Or he just makes a hot sticky deposit on my back. In either case we end up fucking like mad animals and cumming again. I prefer him to jerk off and cum because it gets the premature ejaculation thing out of the way. When he enters me to fuck me I know it’s gonna be a while for him to re-load and cum again. And because I’m jiggin myself and getting very wet I have enough lube for the marathon fucking I’m about to get.

We haven’t been doing this long but it has added a new phase to our 10 year marriage.

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