A2Z Masturbation


Middle Age Friends

I think it is common and not really a big deal for guys to masturbate in front of each other. I grew up in a rural area and skinny dipping was not uncommon. Once, I was with a friend who was a year older than me and we were swimming in the river that ran through his property. We were nude and the subject of jacking off came up. I asked him to do it as I had never done it, at least not in the conventional way. He sat down in the sand and started stroking his hard on. After five or ten minutes he came. I remember him shooting mostly semen, as it was real clear. That was the only time he and I were together in such a setting. The next summer another friend, my age, were naked swimming in a pond on my property. I decided to jack off in front of him. He had never done it and watched intently as I stroked it to orgasm. He commented on the size of my penis as I was pretty well hung for a thirteen year old. It was an erotic experience for both of us. Nothing happened between us until we were eighteen. We took a trip to a neighboring state and and in our motel room we did it in front of each other. Over the next four years we repeated the scene a few times. I remember at least twice jacking off in the car while he was driving on rural freeways. I liked jacking my big penis in front of him and he enjoyed the show. On two occasions we gave each other head when we drunk. It was always his idea. We did not think of it as being gay. We were just horny. I have jacked off over the years thinking about our experiences. I do enjoy looking at big peniss but the idea of having sex (i.e.intercourse with another male) is completely repulsive to me.

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