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More First Time with Another Guy

In the summer between my seventh and eighth grades, I met a boy who lived across the street who was two years older than me. We had not lived in the neighborhood long, and I knew no other kids nearby. Neither of his parents was ever home during the week, so I would go to his house and we would hang out. One day he showed me pictures of naked women that he stashed in a box under his bed. He asked me if I jacked off. I said I didn’t. I did not know what he meant. He touched the front of his pants then unzipped. He took his hard penis out sort of to show me. I felt myself getting hard. He said he would show me how. He took off his pants and shoes and was wearing only a t-shirt. I did the same thing. He stroked his erection while I stared. He stroked mine as if to show me how it was done. We faced each other masturbating.

I watched him as I got harder and harder and finally I came. Cum dribbled out. I felt almost weak in the knees. He smiled, then he shot a huge load and sort of groaned as he came. In a few seconds he handed me a box of Kleenex and said wipe off. We both cleaned away the semen. I did not know that what I had done had anything to do with sex. I just liked the way it felt. Next day I went to his house and asked if we could do it again. We stripped naked and laid next to each other on his bed jacking off. We each came on our stomachs. I had more cum this time. Later than afternoon, I went back and found him already naked and hard. He asked if I wanted to do it again. I took off my clothes and he began to stroke me. We laid on the bed and he asked me to jerk him off and he would do me. I made him cum and he groaned. He put my erection his mouth for a few seconds, they jerked me. It was weeks before I ever did it alone. Once a day or more often, we would get naked in his bedroom and masturbate. Usually we just did ourselves, but sometimes we did each other. He asked me to suck him. I put it in my mouth but did not like it. He liked sucking me but never made me cum in his mouth. We did this pretty much the whole summer. When summer ended, we went to different schools and hardly every saw each other during the shcool year. By the next summer I wasn’t interested in jacking off in his bedroom.

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