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Blind Date

Several years ago I was set up with a blind date, who turned out to be an attractive, intelligent woman. Our first date was dinner, after which I took her home and said goodnight. I called her for a second date a few days later, and we set up another dinner. It went better than the first date so I was not surprised when she invited me in after I took her home. We had another glass of wine, snuggled up and kissed a few times, touched each other. I asked her if she wanted to make love. She said yes, but did I have a condom. I didn’t. She admitted that she was afraid of disease and pregnancy, and asked me to be understanding. I said she was not unreasonable, after all we did not really know each other; but I hoped we could make love another time. She said yes, stood up and removed her top and unhooked her bra. Her breasts were fabulous.

The hard on I had lost a few minutes ago returned. I said that I thought she did not want to make love, and she replied that she did not want to have intercourse, then removed her skirt, her underpants and shoes. Her beautiful naked body was driving me crazy. I wanted to touch every inch. She asked if I was going to just sit there. I took my clothes off in record time. She reached over and touched my penis. I thought I would cum. She said there were other ways to have sex. We went into her bedroom and made love. I probed her vagina, rubbed her clit and made her cum, then did it again. She stroked my penis and made me cum in huge amounts. We rested, and she said she wanted more. Bite her nipples, suck her toes. She got on all fours and bent over. She said to touch her clit, put my thumb on her anus and make her cum. When I was finished, she licked and bit my scrotum while she stroked my penis, then she put a finger in my anus while she jacked me off. I was as spent as if I had intercourse. I had never had better sex.

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