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More Olivia and Me in the Pool Sex

I ran into Olivia at a local bookstore, passing time on a boring summer afternoon. We were between our junior and senior years at Wilson High. We were friendly but not friends. She bought a book, and we walked out together. I stopped and bought us each a Coke, which we sipped as we walked along shaded streets. She talked most of the way about getting into an Ivy League school, not having a steady boyfriend or sex in high school, books and movies she liked. I listened, taking in Olivia, who was six foot tall, thin but not skinny, with long, dark brown hair. We got to her empty house and went to the backyard patio, sat down in the shade and finished our Cokes.

Olivia threw the empty cups away and asked if I wanted to swim in the above ground pool. I said I had no bathing suit. She just smiled, pulled her sun dress over her head, put it on a chair and said it was OK. I just stared at her tiny, pretty breasts with small, dark round nipples. As she peeled off her panties, I started undressing. I had never seen a girl naked before, nor had one seen me. She walked toward to pool, her small round butt moving from side to side. I hurried behind her to get into the water before I had an full erection. In the pool, Olivia kept talking, which relaxed me a little; but then she would stand up to move in the water and I would see her little breasts and a perfect V of dark pubic hair. She was so matter of fact about things, but she had a definite air of sexuality. She wanted to go back into the shade.

I let her get out first, then walked behind her. She turned around to say something, then looked at my erection. Her eyes got huge. She said she had never seen an erection before. I blushed. She said it was OK that she saw it. When we got to the shade, she asked if she could touch my penis and testicles. I nodded, and we sat down on a blanket in the shade. She touched my penis and said it felt really hard, then felt my balls and asked if it hurt when she did it. I shook my head. I was afraid I would cum. She asked if I masturbated. I nodded and blushed again. She said it was good to masturbate and that she did, too Had I ever done it with a girl. I shook my head and swallowed hard. She said she had only done it alone, too. She touched me again and asked if I wanted to touch her. I nodded, and she laid back and said seeing me had turned her on. I wanted to touch her all over, but she spread her legs, so I touched her there. It was wet, and she moved a little as I rubbed my finger up and down. I had never touched a vagina before. She said to put my finger inside carefully, then asked if I wanted to feel her clitoris. I said yes.

She told me where to find it, and as I touched, it she let out a big breath. She sat up and began fingering herself and asked if I would wait to cum till she had, as she wanted to see it. I did not touch myself for the three or four minutes in took her to cum. It was breathy, and her legs moved back and forth. My penis was throbbing, and I knew it would take only a couple of strokes to cum, so I told her I was close. I laid down and she moved a little closer to watch. I stroked five or six times and shot a huge load. I felt my body shake and heard Olivia say, Omigosh. There’s so much semen. She said it was still coming out. I nodded, caught my breath and sat up. She was still looking at the cum on my stomach, penis, and legs and asked if she could touch it. I nodded, and she took a small amount between her fingers and rubbed it and smelled it.

I noticed that I had shot some on her arm. I reached over and touched the cum. She had a huge smile, so I sucked the semen off my finger. She reached down and got some more on her finger and tasted it, too, and got a quizzical look on her face. I asked if I could get some Kleenex. She got up and came back with a box and wiped me off. We went back into the pool to relax. Neither of us talked much. Maybe a half hour later, she asked if I wanted to touch her again. I said yes, so we went back to the shady blanket and Olivia noticed that I did not have an erection. She asked if I would get hard again. I nodded and she asked if she could watch. I told her to touch it, and as she did, it gradually got hard in her hands, which made her smile.

She asked me to make her cum, which I did with a little instruction on where to touch her and how to rub her. Then she jacked me off better than I ever did. After she wiped me off, she put on her panties and sundress and sandals, and I got dressed. She said I should probably go since her Mom would be home soon. I asked if I could see her again. She hesitated, then said yes with a big smile, but not for a few days. We saw each other a few more times that summer. We masturbated, masturbated each other, tried oral sex, and even probed each other’s anus; but true to her word, Olivia never allowed my penis inside her body. Even though I was never with Olivia again after that summer, I have mastrubated thinking about her body and what we did together for more than twenty years.

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