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More Gay Guy with Straight Friends

I’m gay, but I’ve had straight friends all my life. One of my first friends used to make insinuations that could have led to us masturbating together, but I was always fearful of revealing myself (both my penis and my homosexuality) and I avoided the subject whenever it came up. I regret that now. I used to be embarrassed about the fact that I masturbated, while he admitted it quite openly.

Later on, when I was fully out of the closet, one of my close straight friends suggested we go to another friend’s house, swim in his pool, and take advantage of him. He was curious about experimenting, but needed to be in control. The three of us ended up getting drunk and masturbating each other while sitting the side of the pool. I never touched my close friend, and after a while he lost interest, so I set to work on my other friend and quickly brought him to orgasm.

We never really talked about the experience, though it was mentioned casually once when we were all alone. Nothing happened but a few years later my friend with the pool and I got drunk, and he showed me some of his porn magazines. I asked him if he wanted to masturbate and he agreed. He seemed fascinated by the size of my penis, and when I took his penis in my hand, he did the same for me. We masturbated each other for a minute – I asked him if he wanted me to go down on him, but he declined. Eventually he brought me to orgasm. I wasn’t able to bring him to orgasm, but I watched him ejaculate. We repeated the experience one other time, masturbating together in my bedroom, but by that point it was all due to my desperate insistance and it wasn’t nearly as hot. I realized that the excitement of the experience was heavily weighed toward my end, and that it was unhealthy for me.

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