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More Mutual Masturbation at Sleep Overs

I grew up as an only child in the country, so playmates were few and far between. I remember that one neighbor boy and I used to pull on our penises when we were young, but there was nothing sexual about it. In fact, the neighbor referred to what we were doing as the peter torture!

Early in my adolescence, I started going to my grandmother’s on the weekend. I think it gave my parents some time to themselves and I loved being with my grandmother and also having more playmates. Lots of good times playing baseball and football and hanging out and enjoying my adolescence.

A few years after I started going there, a boy about three years my junior heard me talking with a few of the other kids about masturbation. It must have made him curious, because soon we had ducked into my grandmother’s bathroom and I was showing him my penis and how to stroke it. I remember him lying with his back against the bathtub as he fondled his small, hairless but hard penis.

A little while later, he came over for a sleepover,which up until that time had just been the usual boyish talk-and-play times. But this time, Mikey really wanted us to masturbate. So I agreed. We were in my grandmother’s upstairs bedroom and our pants came off. After a little while, he asked what it would be like if we would touch each other. That didn’t sound bad to me, so I reached over with my left hand and touched his penis. He reached over and touched mine and we started to stroke. I could hear his breathing get deeper and he said something about my penis being so big, which of course it was, as I was much older. He came really fast and hard and I remember him saying, Why does it feel so much better when somebody else does it? He kept stroking me until I came too.

This led to about two years of on-and-off sleepover action. After mutually masturbating several times, Mike asked me, What else could we do? And I asked what he meant, but he wanted me to say it. I think that he felt that as long as he wasn’t initiating the act, it was OK, so I suggested that we suck each other. I sucked him first, then he reciprocated, and I don’t think either of us came in the other’s mouth. I say this because we usually did the act under the covers, and I for one was reluctant to take his come. I assume he felt the same. I know that, after a while, he shared with me that he couldn’t get into sucking me after he had come, so after that I would always get pleasured first. Which was OK with me, because I found his hardness in my mouth exciting. We both had fantasies about a nicely shaped local girl named Cindy and we would sometimes talk about her during sex.

It wasn’t long that he once again asked, What else could we do? and thus began our venture into anal sex. I think we both preferred oral but we liked anal sex because it felt close to what we imagined as being inside a girl.

Three times really stand out in my mind from those times. Once was a night that I had come over to visit when I was really horny, and I persuaded him to let me take him into my grandma’s tool shed, which we had converted into our cabin. I took him from behind while stroking him and we both came. Another one was when I purchased The Sensuous Woman to guide my girlfriend in sexual techniques. That night, I showed Mikey some oral sex techniques and then let him take me from behind. For some reason, I found that very hot.

But my best memory was one night in my grandmother’s living room on her sofa. For some reason, she chose to sleep upstairs that night. That night, we did everything that we had practiced, including a very hot 69. It was incredibly exciting having his hardness slide in and out of my mouth while he was sucking on me. I continued to love this position in heterosexual relationships and do to this day.

I had a girlfriend for much of this time, but while she and I practiced mutual masturbation, Mike remained my source of oral and anal sex until I found another girlfriend. I lost my virginity, Mike started finding girls to date, and that chapter in our lives closed. But 35 years later, I still find myself thinking about it sometimes.

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