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After we had been married for a while, my wife and I moved to the tropics on a work assignment. We lived in a house with a private garden and swimming pool. Our sex life was very enjoyable and we started to share experiences with past lovers quite freely and openly. This included early masturbation experiences. I told her about my swimming pool times when I first started to wank as well as times when I wanked with a friend.

She said that she had had only two same sex experiences. The first was during a look-see weekend at a university when she was curious to see if it was for her. She shared a room overnight in the university with another girl and they got on very well and enjoyed the day’s visits and lectures and an evening meal.

After a fun social evening with other students they went to their room, which had twin beds and an ensuite bathroom. Somewhat shyly they undressed separately and got into their nighties. My wife said she was immediately entranced by the other girl’s nipples which she could see through the material of the nightie. She suddenly felt her cunt becoming wet. (We spoke to each other in the full Anglo Saxon.) The other girl said it was hot in the room and so she lifted her nightie to cool off. My wife opened the buttons at her neckline, partly exposing her breasts.

The other girl said she had never shared a room before and, at home, she often slept naked when it was hot. My wife said she had shared a room before but never whilst alone and away from home. They started to talk about boyfriends and what they had done with them. By that time in her life, my wife was no longer a virgin and had wanked a lot of boys. The other girl had only been kissed and had had her breasts felt. She had not touched a cock.

The atmosphere in the room was becoming sexually charged and my wife started to stroke her cunt through her nightie. The other girl asked what she was doing so my wife said why not try it, not quite believing the girl’s naivety. So they sat on the beds, stroking their cunts and talking about sex. My wife suddenly took off her nightie and so did the other girl. She moved the girl’s hand to her cunt and put her finger in, at the same time feeling the girl’s breasts and nipples. She moved her hand to the girl’s cunt which was very wet and started to finger her and stroke her clitoris. The other girl started to breathe deeply, then suddenly shuddered and came in a powerful orgasm. She moved my wife’s hand away as she was sensitive and a bit bewildered. When she recovered my wife explained to her that she had come to orgasm and wasn’t it wonderful?

She explained to the girl that she could do that to herself with practice.

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