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Alison is, as Chris says, a snooty, stuck-up, holier-than-thou bitch of the first order. Everything and everyone is beneath her. She was like that at school too. To say the least, I was pissed off when she joined my legal firm as an intern for a year before going to Uni. She wants to be a barrister – nothing so lowly as a solicitor for her. Oh no! She wants to be a barrister, filled by being a judge. Fucking typical.

So, I’d seen her around the building. However, ours is a very large firm and I hoped I would avoid all contact with the bitch. Not so. Someone had the bright idea to team us up to work on a case; oh, not “front line” of course. We would work on a live case as pretend barrister and pretend solicitor. We would shadow the real thing, but work it ourselves. Alison was fucked-off beyond words when they said that I should be the pretend barrister!

So, grudgingly we started to work this case. At one point, Alison said we should meet after office ours, “At my place, please. I couldn’t bear the smell of your farm!” Sounds more like jealousy, if you ask me. Our farm, and our farmhouse is huge. The house has eight bedrooms, and dates back to the 1400’s. Anyway, we are in Alison’s room and every other word out of her mouth is a snide remark. I’m usually very hard to rile, but there is a line, and it is unwise to cross it.

She was criticizing everything I said, which was fine. We were supposed to do that, but then it got personal. “You wear that to court, do you? Oh dear!” Then it got dangerous, for her. “Well, I suppose your family can’t really afford anything decent. After all, they’re really just working-class peasants, aren’t they?”

I didn’t even hesitate. I just slapped her, as hard as I possibly could. (Yeah, I know. Assault, Section 40′ Criminal Justice Act.) Suddenly, years of suffering her attitude at school and now this snide, condescending remark about my parents, just made it spill out. I shoved her backwards on the bed she was sitting on and just kept on yelling and punctuating the yelling with slaps, although the slaps were halfhearted.

“You fucking stuck up bitch! How DARE you criticize my family,” Slap! “You think you’re so fucking good,” Slap! “You need to get your head out of your fucking arse,” Slap. “And realize you’re no better than anyone.. Slap… fucking … Slap… else,” Kiss!

What? Wait! Kiss? Yep. I leaned forward from my position of kneeling astride her belly and kissed her. I wanted, oh I don’t know. I wanted to disgust her, I think. I also suddenly realized how turned on I was too. In all honesty, I’m not sure which emotion was the one behind that kiss.

What I wasn’t ready for was Alison’s hand, which went immediately to my right breast and she squeezed. Not hard. Not to hurt, but to stimulate. I kept kissing her, and she was responding, “Oh, please don’t stop!

I rolled off her and shoved my hand, non-too delicately I might add, up her skirt, tugged her panties aside and slipped two fingers inside her. I didn’t even care that she might still have been a virgin or not. My fingers slid into a tight, but very wet hole and I began to finger fuck her as fast as I could. Nothing slow and sensuous here, that’s for someone else.

All the time I was still swearing at her, “You fucking stuck up bitch! Well, not so haughty now, are you! Look at you, legs spread, panties aside, getting finger fucked! You look like a fucking whore!”

It took mere seconds. Alison came violently. Usually, I want to cum as well, but I didn’t want her hands on my body. I still loathed her. I just wanted the pleasure of seeing her spread out like a rutting alley cat.

She reached for me, but I pulled away and got up. I realized also that I wasn’t in the least turned on. Usually, I would have been soaked and desperate for a cum, but not this time. I stood looking down at her. Her skirt was still tucked up, over her stomach, her panties were still bunched up and her pussy lips were still visible. Plus her legs were still wide open. What a fucking whore.

I slipped my phone out of my pocket and took a photo. “And the next time you say a word out of place, you fucking bitch, this gets online!” I walked out, leaving her there.

Well, the next day at work I saw a totally different Alison. She was courteous, helpful even, and we worked well together. I’m ok with that. I can work with her; but I think knocking her off her pedestal was essential.

Incidentally, afterwards, I didn’t lick my fingers, I washed my hands. I didn’t want her cum on my fingers when I touched my lover later that night. I wanted nothing of Alison.

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