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This is an erotic story I created in my head to masturbate to. It involves my best friend, let’s call her Sara. I am bisexual and I am curious about intercourse with another girl. This makes me extremely wet and I hope it does the same for you!

My best friend and I are very close, and even though we look nothing alike a lot of people think we’re sisters. On the last day of eighth grade I had a pool party and I invited all of my friends. Sara was the only one sleeping over that night so we set up in my room in the basement. The room was my own design, and very nice with a king sized bed and a tv. My mother was still at work, so we still had a few hours to ourselves. I went to the bathroom and when I returned I found Sara on my bed watching a lesbian porn show on my tv. I knew the channel was blocked so I figured it was a DVD. I stood at the top of my stairs watching in fascination of the two women humping and grinding against one another. When I finally came down the stairs, Sara asked if it was okay to watch this and I nodded. I sat next to her on the bed and we watched the show for awhile. At some point she placed her hand in my inner thigh and I let her. After a few minutes she said Do you want to play a game? and I said sure, whatever. She giggled and told me to sit up straight on the bed. I obliged and almost immediately she straddled my waist and started to give me a lap dance. She gyrated and humped and shimmied sensually. My body was tense at first but I eventually relaxed and gave in to the fun. I finally worked up the courage to grab her breast, and she stopped moving abruptly.

I was ashamed and I started to apologize but she leaned in and kissed me. I was shocked but so turned on that I didn’t care. I kissed her hungrily, swirling my tongue in her mouth. Sh retarded to moan and I knew she was turned on too. I pulled away and pushed her gently onto her back, I layed on top of her and kissed her again long and hard. I sat up and we began massaging each others breasts. We ripped off out shirts and bras and stimulated our nipples until both of us were moaning loudly like the women on tv. Soon she was licking her way down my sweat covered body until she came to my mound. Both of us were already dripping wet with sweat and vagina juice. I begged her to eat me, but she said she had a better idea. She spread my legs wide a part, then climbed on top of me she squirmed and wiggled until her vagina was right above mine. She looked at me and said Ste you SURE you’re up for this?. Breathless with anticipation, I nodded and she lowere herself onto me. She began to hump my vagina. The sensation was incredible and both of us started to breathe loudly. I relished every sound of her soft skin on mine and soon I started to scream. She smiled at me and said yeah vagina likes that huh? My entire body shuddered and we both yelled out as an earthshaking orgasm washed over us both. She collapsed on me and we shared one final kiss before we fell into a blissful sleep.

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