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I am a virgin. Last summer I visited my brother girlfriend’s home. We both were alone. She was really good-looking and hot blonde. At night she starts talking about fantsies of my brother and turned me on and we came closer .next day we bath togather and she shaved my hairy vagina. Then we came naked in our room and she shows me aot of vibrators dildos and porn clips in her computer. We both start masterbating then she put lubricant on my ass n vagina and inserted a dildo in my ass and starts vibrator on my vagina.i cummed in few seconds. Then she inserted a huge dildo in my vagina it hurts me alot the blood comes from my vagina but we continue the process then it was her turn. Finally she licks my vagina and as I do and then we noticed the cum all arond the room and both start licking it.

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