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More Stories My Bathroom Rug is My BFF

Well,I go in my bathroom and lock the door first. Then I take off my pants & panties, Then I roll the rug half way and sit on the rolled up part. I make sure I am good and horny then I lightly push it against my vagina. Then I stop and continue doing that while stopping every 5 seconds or so,Teasing myself. Then I push harder and harder,Soon enough, As hard as I can. My muscles tighten up but I dont care and I continue pushing. I orgasm in about 15 Seconds! I dont cum though.The orgasm lasts about 5 Seconds and when It is done I want more and more. I let my muscles relax for about 15 Seconds then I push HARD As I can again and I keep repeating that having a orgasm every time(:

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