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I was in fourth grade and I was really interested in sex since I cought my uncle watching porn videos. I go went (and still do) go to a rich kid reject boarding school. Anyway my best friend and I would look yup sex videos on her computer and look at their techniques and look up sex stories. She was not as interested as me and got grossed out sometimes but I wanted to keep watching. Then one day when I was reaserching sex I found out that girls could have sex with other girls and get that same ogasm feeling so I told my bestow about and wanted her to try it with me she said okay and we went to her house and in the middle of the night we took of our clothes and we started to kiss I asked her if I could touch her vagina.

she said Yes so we figured each other until we were wet and tired. back then I didn’t know what masterbating was but my friend thought we were the only ones to do that so she told me she wanted to stop. I was sad cuz I loved the feeling but a little bit later I realized I could do it on my own I started to explore my body and see what turned me on the most I found out that it was rubbing my clit up and down or side to side I would do it almost every night. Then one day in my late preteen years after sex Ed class, my other friends started talking about masterbation I realized I was not the only one! we decided to try it all together and since that day we have awesome masterbation sleepover parties

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