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When I was a child, I used to go over to my friend’s quite often. Daisy was my best friend, we were almost like sisters, but the closer we got the stranger the things I began to uncover about her. One day we were playing with her barbies and she suggested that we draw nipples on them to make things more realistic. After awhile of playing, she walked over tom me and began to touch my leg. It felt weird, but also good, finally she moved up to where my vagina was and slid a hand under my skirt. I got kinda scared but as she began to knead her hand against my clit the fear turned to a new excitement. After a few minutes of this, I asked her what she was doing and she told me she wanted to be like the girl on the computer. Confused, I asked her to show me and we entered into the computer room. She typed in a website and a girl-on-girl video began to play.

I saw what she had been doing and was struck with the urge to try it myself. With a little bit of encouragement, she watched me take off my panties and spread my legs open on the chair. For a few minutes she just sat on the floor and gazed at my hard swollen clit and spread lips. Then she told me to rub myself with my free hand. It felt amazing as my fingers slid over my throbbing clit and over my hole. I didn’t even care that she was watching, it even excited me to know that she could see me. It took almost no time for my orgasm to commence and with a sigh my hips seemed to buck and I was filled with a tingling euphoria. I looked at her sitting on the floor and she showed me how her own pusssy was so wet from watching me. I’m not a lesbian, but it was so intriguing to think of how she had seemed to know exactly how to make me feel good. So I asked her to touch me again.

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