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So normally I masturbate alone but one night I got a little help from the best man in the world.

Let me start by saying I live alone, my boyfriend and I were supposed to go out to a nice dinner to start of our three year anniversary weekend and I decided to take the few hours before he came over for some me time. I was laying on the couch in my living room wearing everything except my jeans, I had planned on getting started here then working my way to my shower with the removable nozzle. Well anyways my boyfriend decided to surprise me by coming over two hours early with flowers and walked in on me starting to masturbate on my couch. He just looked at me for a little while and asked if I needed any help, you can all guess what my answer was. So he lead me back towards my bedroom and he laid me down and took all of my clothes off very slowly knowing that I was eager to see what he had in mind. He started by kissed every inch of my naked body.

While planting kisses everywhere he started fingering me hard, and since I had already started on my own I orgasmed easily and multiple times. When I started to calm down he licked up all my juices. Then he starting going down on me, teasing my clit with his tongue and mouth and sticking his fingers up my vagina, then I orgasmed even more! After he was finished that he picked up my favorite lotion and proceeded to massage every part of my body, taking his time, especially on my breasts, thighs, and ass, never letting me make a move and every once in a while coming in for a nice long kiss that felt like it would go one for forever (which I would have been fine with). When he was finally finished with the massages he went to my underwear drawer and pulled out my rabbit, and used it one me till I orgasmed four more times! Each time I came he licked it up and would delicately kiss my vagina. (Let me just say that the entire time all of this was happening not one article of his clothing was removed or did he touch himself or ask for anything in return) TWO hours later when he was finished he kissed me long and hard, not once touching my body. He then looked me in the eyes and told me happy anniversary and told me how much he loved me and asked me to marry him, I of course said yes! It was the best experiences I have ever had, and needless to say, we missed our dinner reservation and did not leave my bed for the rest of the weekend.

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