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More Stories Missing My Man

My man is at work, and I am home alone. When I get bored, I like to send dirty text messages to him, to let him know I am thinking about him and how bad I want him inside me. While I wait for his responses to my dirty messages, I am ready through the stories on this site and getting hotter and wetter, just wishing he were here. Text after text, I can’t take it anymore! I dive my hand into my panties and start to rub my wetness all over my clit. It feels so good, and I imagine my man licking it and sucking it, teasing me to make me cum. As he starts to describe in great detail what he would do to me, I feel an orgasm coming. I quickly open the recorder on my phone, and record my orgasm. I send this to my man. Now he’s talking about coming home for lunch. I think I’ll have the best lunch prepared for him when he gets home. Can’t wait to ride him!

I just felt a real need to share that. Thanks ladies, and happy masterbating.

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