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A year ago my husband of fifteen years and who had been my only partner walked out on me. I was actually quite relieved as our relationship had been falling apart for some time and our sex life was disastrous. There was no foreplay or mutual masturbation. All he wanted was to fuck me once or twice a week for his own gratification without any regard for my needs so I never reaching an orgasm. It was always in the dark and we would never caress or kiss each other. To make up for this when he was away on business I would occasionally fondle myself but rarely reached a climax. Yet underneath all this was the frustration of having a fairly high libido.

During the past year I have begun to rebuild my life only to find I wanted to masturbate more. By sheer chance this led me to your excellent website which I regularly look up. I was becoming fascinated by reading the experiences of both men and women. What I wanted was to find someone, male or female, whom I could talk to freely and share that experience for the first time. Having rented an apartment in South London I then joined a choir and got to know Trish who was a 40 year old divorcee, a little younger than me.

Then one evening after choir practice we agreed to have a pizza and began to talk more freely about ourselves. Three days later she telephoned me and said Joan, I have been thinking about what we talked about and I have a feeling that somehow we might be able to help each other. So I invited her to dinner the following evening. She arrived looking rather sexy. We settled down with a drink relaxing on a large sofa. Joan, we seem to have some desires in common. Tell me how you ‘cope’. In a rather halting kind of way I told her. Now what about you Trish. Well I occasionally have sex with a male friend but am more interested in masturbating myself maybe twice a week. I suggested she was far more experienced than me yet it transpired that neither of us had been with another woman before..

We both eyed each other in slightly embarrassed anticipation. The spell was broken as we got up to have our food during which she put her hand on my knee and simply said Joan, the way we are talking is making me feel extremely horny. What about you. I smiled and said me too but I will need some guidance and patience. No worry, just relax. Returning to the sofa she quietly removed her blouse and unhooked her bra to reveal wonderfully firm ample boobs somewhat out of proportion to her more slender body. She took my hand, placed it upon her chest and as I brushed across her nipple she winced with excitement. Moving my hand further down she pressed it on her pubic bone. Placing her other hand on my bum she pressed herself towards me.

Gaining some confidence I then removed my top as she slowly lowered my pants then removed hers. Oddly enough we were both of similar build, about five foot eight with long dark brown hair. My boobs were rather smaller but I had more pubic hair. We were now facing each other totally naked. . . Trish, lets get into bed and be more comfortable. I have never felt so aroused. I began to massage her breasts and stomach with lotions. She then rolled over for me to do the same on her back and bum. As I teased her by running my finger along her bum crack and a bit more towards her vagina she turned back and said she could not stand this any more, Fuck me hard. I urgently want to climax. I rather clumsily did what I thought was right but she took over and I was absolutely astonished watching two fingers of one hand lunging right inside her vagina and the other lightly massaging her clit. She began to breathe heavily, moan and groan with her whole body moving up and sideways. Then suddenly a massive orgasm erupted.

After a rest she turned to me and quietly asked how I wanted to be pleasured in the knowledge I was less experienced and it needed care. Trish, I really do want to orgasm but perhaps understandably I’m a bit tensed up yet I was becoming very moist between my legs. She then straddled over my stomach facing towards my feet with two fingers thrust into my vagina and with the other hand massaging my clit . This became very intense. Turning back towards me she continued but at the same time sucked my nipples. Go on, go on, don’t stop. She then licked my clit which took me over the edge to a big orgasm the likes of which I cannot remember.

This whole true episode has made me realise what I have missed all these years and provided some confidence for the future. The reality is I long to love and be loved by a man who can share it with me and also express the full range of sexual experiences. In the meantime I regularly masturbate at home fantasising about a large throbbing penis that really does something for us both.

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    These two woman get to enjoy them selves and each other. This is hot I hope you continued to do this.