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Please Note that this story is fiction but I hope you enjoy it. It was my birthday a couple of days ago and I asked if my best fiend could stay round and she could so I waited until and when she finally did I was really excited. First of all we went to my bedroom and started playing doctors. We had to decide what was wrong with ourselves and it was my turn to be the doctor and she said: I have been having problems inside me, down below and I said ok not to worry. I have a digital microscope that I can plug into my computer and see everything on my screen. When I said do you mind if I stick this in your vagina to see inside you she said sure. I put it in and she said to me tricked you and she pushed me down onto my bed. She started to kiss me, at first I thought I should push her away but she put her hand in my trousers and started to rub my clit.

I tried to pull her hand away but me doing that it made two of her fingers go inside me. I told her to keep going after that but she stopped. I said to her that I am going to get something out of the cupboard so we can have some more fun. I went into the cupboard and got some rope, before I went back in I told her to close her eyes and lay down on the bed with her hands and legs apart. I tied her to my bed and took off all of her clothes. I started kissing her and I started playing with her clit and then I fingered her aswell. My parents were out then so I went into a cupboard and pulled out a box which said sex on the side. I opened the box and it had a small sex machine in it and a vibrator. I set up the sex machine under my friend so it went in her vagina, I then stuck the vibrator in aswell and turned them both on. I lef my friend there for 2 hours and when I came back my bed sheets were soaked.

I untied my friend and she turned on me and pinned my down and tied me up and then she set up the sex machIne and the vibrator but she turned them onto full then turned them on and left me there. After she untied me we were going to get get changed ink our pj’s but I said don’t bother and she said why and I said because we won’t be able to do this….. I pushed her head down onto my bed and I sat on her face so she could eat out my vagina. She did the same to me and then we did proper 69 until she fell asleep at about 10 pm. I woke my self up at midnight and I grabbed the vibrator and I lifted her pants up a little and I put the vibrator against her clit and I put her pants back on over it. When I turned it on nothing happened but about five minutes later I heard moaning and then I felt my thong move and I started moaning because she was eating me out. Happy Masturbating

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    I just cummed so hard
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    Fuck this made me horny